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Note: You are not booked until  you get a confirmation email back from us.


During busy times the office phone may be unattended for short periods as looking after the horses is our priority. If our machine answers, please leave your name and a number where you can be reached and we  will normally call you back within the hour. For quickest response please text or email.

Our rides can be timed to accommodate your schedule, based upon availability of horses and guides.

                                                                HORSEBACK RIDING TOUR OPTIONS:

  • ONE HOUR TOUR: $79.00  Now only $49 per person ( Gratuity not included)
  • TWO HOUR TOUR: $125.00 Now only $69 per person ( Gratuity not included)


Please fill out form for your reservation

Sunset Rides are an additional $10 per person.
Private rides are an additional fee of $10.00 per person. Make your ride more personal for you and your guests and enjoy what nature has to offer with friends and family.
Additional Charge of $69 per person for a 1.5 hour tour
If the date you request is a holiday ie: valentines day, easter, mothers day, fathers day, christmas, etc it is $10 extra per person.

Remember if you enjoy your Ride please KISS your Horse and TIP your Guide!

Credit / Debit Card Form

Please fill out the form for your reservation

Put down name used for Reservation Form
used to send a receipt of your purchase
Applicant agrees that all information provided is accurate and complete. Applicant also acknowledges that all orders may be immediately terminated at LVTR discretion if any charges are declined or charge backs are claimed against any outstanding invoiced amount.

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please contact us at:

Email : Vegashorsetours@gmail.com

or Call / Text  702-241-7799


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